What does the Chamber do?

Chamber activities are varied. To visitors, the Chamber is the face of the city and village and we answer hundreds of inquiries about our city through personal visits to the office, phone calls, fax, email and by mail. Our Chamber Members benefit every day from these referrals.

The Chamber is dedicated to promoting a vibrant business environment and is the voice for businesses to our legislators at the national, state and local government levels www.tripster.ru.

Chamber Members are committed to improving our community and are supportive of endeavors to improve the quality of life. Many businesses choose the Chamber as a forum to give back to the entire community.

Is the Chamber part of the City government?

No, the WPH Area Chamber of Commerce is a totally separate and independent organization. However, we do work closely with the municipal staff members and the elected officials. Because of our active role and recognizable brand name, many people mistakenly think the Chamber is the library, directory assistance, city hall, Better Business Bureau, emergency services, and visitor’s bureau. We are happy to help support these organizations but our focus is on the business needs of our Members.

What does the Chamber offer?

The Chamber offers many opportunities for Members to establish new business relationships, renew and strengthen familiar ones, and exchange ideas. We have something for everyone at all stages of the life of a business. However, stable businesses are key to attracting other businesses to the area. Mature businesses are in the enviable position of choosing to use the Chamber as a forum to give back to the entire community.

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