The industrial and manufacturing business sectors are an essential cornerstone of our regional economy, particularly in Wheeling.  Wheeling alone contains more than 13.5 million square feet of industrial space under roof and was named as the community with the 5th largest concentration of manufacturing employment in the State of Illinois in 2015, (Chicago: the nation’s advanced manufacturing hub).  The Industrial Manufacturing Committee (IMC) exists to serve this где находится город Великий Устюг critical base.  The mission of the IMC is to bring together industrial and manufacturing business owners with community leaders and industry experts in an open forum to:

  • Promote awareness of the industrial and manufacturing business community and related challenges and opportunities to legislators and policy-makers;
  • Encourage beneficial partnerships with educators and workforce agencies to promote workforce sustainability;
  • Facilitate the exchange of timely, relevant insights from industry experts on available resources and strategies to support business retention and prosperity; and to
  • Foster business opportunities for manufacturers in our area.

To Get Involved with the IMC contact Committee Chairs: Matt Eggemeyer at or Miriam Campbell at